Mental Health & Psychotherapy FAQ

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Psychotherapy is a general word that describes many forms of non-invasive treatments designed to assist individuals, couples and families with emotional issues and concerns. Psychotherapy is practiced by state licensed professionals who have many years of training. Therapists can have specific fields of expertise (ex. Therapy with children diagnosed with ADD / ADHD. Therapy with adults suffering from Depression or Anxiety. Therapy with seniors. etc.) and backgrounds in various modes of therapy (ex. Psychodynamic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, etc.). When speaking with a therapist, it is often important to inquire about the therapist’s practice and methods of treatment.

Telehealth is Psychotherapy that can be conducted in the comforts of one’s own home or office using an confidential online portal. Like any other therapeutic modality, the sessions are scheduled between a therapist and client. Telehealth therapy sessions are covered by Commercial Insurance as well as Medicare.

There are many visible signs and reported symptoms that can indicate an individual could benefit from mental health service. Trust your instinct. A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Is my loved one withdrawing from previously enjoyed activities?
  • Has there been a significant change in the person’s eating and sleeping habits?
  • Has my loved one changed in emotional presentation (sudden onset of euphoria and energy, periods of sadness, irritability, forgetfulness, anger, etc.)?
  • Has my loved one changed in physical presentation (change in hygiene, odd physical movements, change in vocal intonations, etc.)?
  • Has my loved one acquired unusual hobbies or curiosities?

Yes. Psychotherapy services are confidential unless the client specifically gives verbal or written permission for the therapist to communicate with outside professionals or family members.

Psychotherapists are licensed clinical professionals that utilize a wide range of psychological approaches to help clients work through mental illness, life stage issues or emotional crises. Psychotherapists (Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors) obtain a Master’s Degree or higher, in their clinical field. Clinicians generally go through several years of field training prior to taking the state licensing exams for their therapeutic discipline. Psychotherapists cannot prescribe medication. Ulike Psychotherapists who complete graduate school, Psychiatrists are medical professionals who have completed medical school and residency programs. As medical doctors, Psychiatrists can prescribe medication, and often work in collaboration with Psychotherapists.

Group therapy can be a healing process. Group members sharing experiences can motivate, and help individuals heal. Groups are facilitated by a licensed therapist and have a universal impact, allowing individuals to feel that they are not alone.

Not at all. Married, engaged and non-married couples can benefit from Psychotherapy. Our therapists are skilled in coaching couples through effective communication skills, teach emotional regulation and conflict resolution, overcome trauma, facilitate personal healing and guiding couples through life’s challenges.

The first step is the most important in receiving help. Receiving help is as simple as emailing us through our website or reaching out to Silver Lining Care via our confidential phone.

Psychotherapy is covered by most Commercial Insurance Plans and Medicare. Private pay is also an option. (Payment plan options available on an individual basis.)

Medicare or private insurance does not put a limit on how long one may receive therapeutic services as long as services are needed. However, managed care insurance plans typically require pre-authorizations for blocks of sessions, and may not authorize services indefinitely. In most situations, people receive Psychotherapy services once a week. Each session lasts between 50 to 60 minutes. Additional weekly sessions can be scheduled after being explored with the assigned therapist.

Silver Lining Care is licensed to provide Psychotherapy services within the state of Illinois. Telehealth options make it easier for people to receive services who live far from our Deerfield Illinois headquarters.

No at all. Silver Lining Care can presently serve anyone over the age of 12 with proper consents.