Psychotherapy for Seniors, Families and Caregivers

Psychotherapy Services are Covered by Commercial Insurance, Self Pay and Medicare

How We Help

Therapy Services for Seniors

Silver Lining Behavioral Health provides psychotherapy services to seniors in the comfort of their living facility. Medicare and commercial insurance cover the services. Clinicians can see individuals during specific office hours or at scheduled home visits. Telehealth is always an option.

Based on over forty combined years in senior care, Silver Lining’s founders understand the importance of specialized approaches to treating seniors due to the population’s unique needs. Our clinical staff can liaise between clients, families, and their healthcare providers when necessary. In our attempt to bridge the gap in mental health, Silver Lining clinicians and directors built a network of resources to help the senior population.

Seniors & Family Caregivers Psychotherapy

Facing life transitions can be difficult. Talking with a skilled therapist can help.

Seniors often look forward to retirement as an opportunity to pursue hobbies and spend more time with loved ones. The process of growing older can also bring challenges and complex adjustments.

Signs that supportive counseling services may help Seniors:

  • Feeling isolated and disconnected from others
  • Experiencing a lack of purpose
  • Withdrawal from previously enjoyed activities
  • Feelings of Depersonalization and Confusion
  • Trouble with memory and focus
  • Fear and anxiety related to medical concerns and procedures
  • Difficulty sleeping or feeling relaxed upon waking
  • Experiencing a loss of a loved one
  • Depression
Seniors & Family Caregivers mental health

Counseling for Caregivers

One in every five Americans is a caregiver to an elderly parent, chronically ill family member, or child. Having worked for decades in post-acute medical care at home, and in-home care, the Silver Lining founders, understand the importance of helping these individuals. Caring for the caregiver is vital to us as mental health providers.

Seniors Psychotherapy

We can help with

  • Sadness and feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
  • Loneliness “I am alone in this.”
  • Withdrawal from activities previously enjoyed
  • False beliefs of failure “I am failing my family member.”
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Difficulty with executive functioning and concentration
  • A negative perception of self
  • Difficulty sleeping or feeling relaxed
  • Physical ailments due to exhaustion, stress, and depression
  • Exhaustion / Fatigue
Seniors & Family Psychotherapy

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You are not alone!

Our approach blends professional Psychotherapy with Care Coordination and Resource Building.