December 30, 2022

Welcome to Silver Lining Care, a new kind of behavioral health provider.

Our mission is to deliver behavioral health services as an integral part of overall wellness. We focus on the early identification and intervention for those at risk, care, and treatment for those who need them, and recovery as a goal while partnering with primary care providers in the patient-centered approach.

There has been a lot of focus on the growing need to expand mental healthcare for Americans. This challenge spans gender, age, and socio-economic lines. The need also impacts all ages, professionals, and social affiliations.

The recognition of the importance of the mental health component on the overall patient health outcomes has resulted in the fast growth of various behavioral health providers. However, “our current healthcare delivery model has gaps, and we can do a better job addressing the needs of our patients,” Jane Shekman, co-founder and principal of Silver Lining Care states. “Despite the ongoing conversations about the critical role of merging medical and behavioral disciplines, the widespread integration has been very slow, and many providers continue to work in silos.”

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During years of working in the healthcare field with seniors, their caretakers, multi-generational families, healthcare professionals, and healthcare organizations, Jane and Eugene identified gaps in the healthcare delivery model. The model lacks the critical and often overlooked component, behavioral health. To improve the care outcomes for patients, Silver Lining Care founders had a vision to create a company that resolves the disconnect through a collaborative structure by integrating behavioral health and primary care services.

Improved communication and care coordination can enhance compliance with preventative care, thus improving the effectiveness of chronic disease management. This also engages patients in self-management to improve lifestyle behaviors that contribute to their conditions. A well-developed care coordination model between primary care and behavioral health clinicians with the patient in the center will effectively address a variety of health conditions such as chronic diseases such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, mild to moderate depression, anxiety disorders, gastrointestinal conditions caused by anxiety, to name a few. An integrative approach can also enhance the patient’s ability to cope with life stressors and stress-related physical symptoms.

“One of our major goals is to serve as a direct extension of primary care while addressing the behavioral health needs of our clients,” Eugene Roginsky, LCSW, co-founder and CEO, states. “Mental illness directly impacts a patient’s ability to engage in healthcare, which impacts treatment outcomes and client satisfaction. Our integrative model can be applied to a variety of our client’s needs. We are not reinventing the basic principles of psychotherapy. We will offer professional, integrative psychotherapy services to individuals, couples, families, seniors, and employers. As needed, our goal is to work alongside primary care providers to ensure efficient and long-lasting mental health results. We strongly feel that it is a team effort.”

Both Jane and Eugene are industry veterans working side by side with nurses, physical/occupational therapists, care managers, medical social workers, physician groups, and skilled and independent living facilities. With decades of witnessing success stories, it is clear that a multidisciplinary, outcome driven, integrated approach to behavioral health is crucial for optimum results.

We are Hiring:

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It takes a dedicated team to deliver an effective behavioral health service to clients. The key to excellence is the company culture and happiness of its employees. We are growing our Silver Lining Care family and seeking motivated clinicians to share our vision to join our team.

Why partner with Us:

  • Engage in innovative care treatment models – be at the forefront of new integrative approaches
  • Focus on Therapy – Let us handle the operations as you do what you do best, therapy. Silver Living Care staff will process insurances, work with referral and payer sources, and take all business expenses.
  • Autonomy – Control your own schedule. Work when it is comfortable for you.
  • Network with other Mental Health and Healthcare Professionals.
  • Reliable Income – Thousands of people are looking for counseling services daily. Silver Lining Care can be your primary source of income or a supplement to your existing career.
  • Become a healthcare recruiter – Earn additional income by referring clinicians to our Silver Lining Care family.
  • Supervision for non-licensed professionals and exam preparation assistance available.
  • Clinical Education (CEU) is available for licensed staff members.