February 1, 2023

February is a month of roses, chocolate, and appreciation, but for many, it can be much less colorful. For older populations, the month of love is another 28 days of loneliness, and oftentimes grief. 

Many elderly describe that times like these are when losses become newly refreshed, and empty houses feel more hollow. Loneliness and grief share far more connections than many often talk about – including both increasing the risk of heart disease, decreased immune function, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. 

These physical and mental effects are exacerbated during months like this when it feels like the more youthful side of the world is busy celebrating. However, it does not have to be like this for the elderly population, as instead, February could become a month of reconnecting with family, friends, and old hobbies. 

Although it is difficult to make the first phone call or text message, our digital environment has made it much easier to motivate family members, friends, and other community members, to use this time for cultivating relationships. 

However, many require a more holistic approach to dealing with the complex feelings that come alongside loneliness and grief – these all-encompassing approaches help deal with negative thoughts and feelings through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, social skills training, and support groups. 

Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or C.B.T., the Silver Linings team provides an environment that challenges the way an individual thinks to integrate more positive and encouraging lifestyle habits into their lives. These therapy sessions promote a more present way of thinking, which counteracts depression, anxiety, grief, and loneliness through structured talk therapy sessions. 

Social skills training and support groups also produce simple and realistic approaches to convert an isolated life, into a more enriched one.

A professional can provide the needed restructuring that can help all members of our communities share the joy of chocolate, roses, and romantic comedies during these next few weeks and beyond. 

February should be for everyone.