March 10, 2023

Silver Lining Behavioral Health launched in January of 2023. So far, it has been a wonderful roller coaster ride. We are actively onboarding new clinicians, as we process and open new psychotherapy cases. Silver Lining Behavioral Health is currently working with physician groups, rehab centers, senior living facilities, parenting groups, and coalitions like Stand Strong, whose mission is to defeat substance abuse. At the end of March, Silver Lining Behavioral Health is launching its new service. We are very proud of developing over 40 Educational Wellness Programs for the community we serve, as well as over 20 clinical education programs for healthcare professionals. The growth process is not over. Silver Lining co-founders are not only actively seeking more clinicians to join our team but inviting expert speakers in all areas of mental health, healthcare, psychology, general wellness, and safety to be a part of our educational faculty.

Upcoming Events


On April 5th, via Zoom, Silver Lining Care will be kicking off our first of many bi-monthly wellness programs. Due to the high demand, and the impact anxiety has on individuals of all ages, as well as couples and families, we will do a deep dive into the subject with the hope of offering meaningful solutions. The technique-based program will be facilitated by Eugene Roginsky LCSW, a Silver Lining Care co-founder and clinician with over 26 years’ experience. Invitations and RSVP options will be emailed within a week.

In order to provide outstanding, meaningful education, Silver Lining Care needs your help. If there is any topic that you believe needs to be explored, kindly send us an email. Our education staff will research the subject, and find an appropriate speaker. We love hearing from you. Please do not hesitate to write.

Employee Spotlight

Zoya-ZackavecAs Silver Lining Care continues to onboard therapists, we are proud to introduce a recent addition to our team:

Zoya Zackavec LCSW is a Licensed Psychotherapist who is passionate about helping individuals, couples and families work through life’s challenges and achieve a healthy sense of balance. Zoya utilizes Solution Oriented, Strength-Based and Evidence-Based psychotherapeutic approaches to treatment.

While working with clients, Zoya utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness strategies. Zoya’s background as a corporate professional and US National Fencing Champion gives her a unique ability to assess and build on an individual’s positive attributes and inner strengths.

Her compassionate, empathic and motivational clinical approach is perfect for clients struggling with anxiety, self-image issues, depression, professional burnout, coping with adjustment to change, and stress management.

Zoya completed her graduate work at Loyola University at Chicago. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Russian.

“I believe every individual is unique, with powerful, positive attributes that can be enhanced to create a new sense of inner peace, hopefulness, and energy.”

We are Hiring:

It takes a great team to deliver an effective behavioral health service to clients, and the key to excellence is the company culture and the happiness of its employees. We are growing our Silver Lining Care family and seeking motivated clinicians to share our vision to join our team. Contact Us to learn more!

Why partner with Us:

  • Engage in innovative care treatment models – be at the forefront of new integrative approaches
  • Focus on Therapy – Let us handle the operations as you do what you do best, therapy. Silver Living Care staff will process insurance, work with referral and payer sources, and take all business expenses.
  • Autonomy – Control your schedule. Work when it is comfortable for you.
  • Network with other Mental Health and Healthcare Professionals.
  • Reliable Income – Thousands of people are looking for counseling services daily. Silver Lining Care can be your primary source of income or a supplement to your existing career.
  • Become a healthcare recruiter – Earn additional income by referring clinicians to our Silver Lining Care family.
  • Supervision for non-licensed professionals and exam preparation assistance available.
  • Clinical Education (CEU) is available for licensed staff members.