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Vlada Bruk - Behavioral Health Vlada Bruk


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I believe that the client-therapist relationship is the foundation of therapy, a partnership through which we cannot only process our current experiences but also uncover repetitive patterns that may have existed for decades. In my work, I adjust the treatment to the individual, with an emphasis on Psychodynamic, Solution Focused and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) psychotherapeutic approaches. I work with clients with a variety of mental health issues. I have extensive experience in helping individuals regulate emotions, and assisted with overcoming complex life-stage issues.

I have worked in behavioral health since 2009. I use a client focused, integrative approach to treating individuals with all levels of cognitive abilities. I also have extensive experience in helping people who have suffered both psychological and physical trauma. When needed, I use my resources to implement a multidisciplinary treatment approach.

I am a skilled diagnostician. Creating a treatment plan involves not only examining the issues a client is experiencing, or looking at personality features, but looking at the whole unique person within the context of environment, physical health, and social structure. In my mind, the therapist is a supportive partner in the client’s journey to empowerment.

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