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Parenting Issues - Silver Lining Behavioral Health Blog

Identifying Depression in Children: Understanding, Supporting, and Intervening

Traditionally associated with adulthood, depression is increasingly acknowledged as impacting children as well. According to the World Health Organization, it stands as a prominent cause of illness and disability among adolescents worldwide. Recognizing and addressing depression in children early on is paramount for effective intervention and support. Here, we explore the signs, symptoms, and strategies for assisting children grappling with […]

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Warning Signs Your Child may be a Victim of Bullying

SIGNS YOUR CHILD MAY BE A VICTIM OF BULLYING I have been often asked, “What do we look out for as parents if our child hides the fact that he/she is being bullied in school?” True, many children hide being bullied from the parents. In situations of prolonged abuse by the bully, children may even begin to believe that they […]

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